Depletion below 50%?

If all my zones have Allowed Depletion set to 50% and are all set up on Flex Daily schedules, why do I have several zones with the soil water level so low? I have two at 24%, one at 28% and one at 12%?

Those numbers are the amount of depletion to hit 50% allowed depletion. Once they hit 0% the system will water, which will be 50% of MAD.

This might help with the concept of MAD.


Hi @franz, here’s another example of how to what I was referring to in the Worst app thread about the simplicity complicating things. I was also confused when I saw my zones get close to 0%, then I remembered this changed last year? from 110-50% to 110% - 0%.

Maybe instead of saying “Soil Moisture: 0%” to something more descriptive like “Soil Moisture: 0% of ???”. Also when you go to the zone details screen, you could also add in some more info.

In my case I forgot since I hadn’t used the app in over 6 months.