Delete history

I saw that someone requested the ability to delete history back in 2014. I would sure like to see this option available.

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I second that. I’m setting my system up without it actually connected to my sprinkler and would like to delete this when I’m up and running.


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It’s been awhile since this feature has been added. I am a new Rachio3 user and would like to delete the history once I get everything up and running. Is anything happening with this request?

What is the purpose of deleting? I personally see no reason to need that.

In my case I would like delete history because I am still in the setup/testing phase and when I go live I would like to delete the setup/testing history. I have other far inferior controllers that had this simple feature. Not a big issue but I’d just like to clean up the entries prior to go live.

Understood, but why? The history really doesn’t do anything to change future waterings. Are you trying to exports some usage reports for some other purpose?