Delay fixed schedule zone X days without skipping next schedule run?

I am using fixed schedule with no weather intelligence, as only reason I bought Rachio was just to be able to control irrigation when away from home on vacation.

I have lawn set to water every 3 days, but due to unusually cool weather this week I want stretch the interval out to 4 or 5 days rather than run tomorrow (tomorrow is 3 days from last run), but not change the “every 3 days” schedule for future runs. This was extremely easy to do in my 30 year old touchpad irrigation controller. But Rachio “water delay” does not seem to do this, instead it just skips tomorrow’s run so I’ll get watered 6 days from the last completed run which is not what I want. I’d like something like “delay this zone’s next water time by N days past scheduled run day”. I could even live with “delay all zones’ next water time by N days past their next scheduled run date”.

What happens of I try to do this by disabling a zone for N days, and the disabled period goes past next scheduled run date? If it skips next run rather than postpone N days, then Disabling a few days is really no different than using Water Delay.

I know when you use the smart schedules that’s what it does. I don’t think this does. But you can have it run manually and just make it run a shorter than usual time to make up for the shorter frequency before the next run.

I’d suggest moving to flex daily and spending the time getting it dialed in then this would have happened automatically. The delay in day and so forth. All of it. That’s what’s so nice about it.