Delay a scheduled run


I have a regular MWF fixed schedule of 10 zones (let’s call it Sched A) that starts at 2am. But, I needed to service my pvc lines over Fri-Sat, and so I needed to postpone the Friday run and run it on Saturday instead. I don’t want to have to wake up at 2am and do a “manual run” on Sat, I just wanted to schedule it through the app to either postpone/delay my Friday run by 24 hrs, or cancel the Friday run and run a one-off of Sched A on Sat (after which, the following Monday, Sched A would just run as normal). I can’t seem to do either of these options, and am not sure why. Seems like I should just be able to click on the calendar, and schedule a “manual run” of “Sched A”, yes? Currently there seems to be no way to plan ahead for (what would otherwise be) a manual change to a regular schedule.

You should be able to go to the Yard screen, tap + and set up a throw-away fixed schedule that starts & runs the one day and ends the next day? So, for example, a start date on 4/28 and end date on 4/29. I have not done this though so maybe someone can confirm this is a way to run a zone one time.

I’m not trying to run a single zone, but even if I were, I can’t plan that manual run for a future date. Instead, what I’m trying to do is to run the entire schedule of all 10 zones, just postponed a day. The calendar is useless in that all it does is tell me what I’ve already planned. It doesn’t allow me to modify that plan and apply a schedule to run (that would include all zones) JUST FOR A PARTICULAR DAY. This, to me, is a feature oversight.

The way the app works is that it assumes you want to make a schedule that never changes, so the entire schedule setup process and various menu trees don’t allow you to manually change anything, unless you want to do it right then and there (q.v, “quick run”). I can only do a manual run right now, I can’t schedule a one-off manual adjustment in the future.

You can include as many zones as you like in a one-time, on a particular day, Fixed schedule. Yes there isn’t a one tap way to do what you’re asking for but setting this up would take no time at all.

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An alternative, if you’re using Flex, is to delete the original Flex schedule and recreate it but this time, after choosing specific days, select all days as allowed. Finish creating the schedule, then you can edit the allowed run days as you see fit at any time.

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There’s also delay water button on the More tab but I do believe your schedule would need to be allowed specifically in the schedule to run the next day. I don’t think this feature would override a hard scheduled non-watering day.

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