Deer and Pest Deterrent Solution

After I posted this topic, they changed some stuff in smartthings, my routines stopped working. So what I ended up doing was using smartthings to create a virtual switch that triggers the motion detector between sunrise and sunset then used IFTTT with the Rachio service to turn on the sprinklers. When the virtual switch triggers it runs the IFTTT script. There is a setting in the IFTTT script to limit the time to 1 minute. Creating the virtual switch is easy in the Smartthings Classic app but more complicated in the new app. You should be able to find a video on YouTube that will show you how to make a virtual switch on the new app.

I figured this out with the help of Zooz’s support team. If you have problems they are very helpful. Contact me if you need more help. And, by the way, this works this week but all bets are off the next time SmartThings changes the software for the hub. Seems like I reinvent this thing once a year.

@Thomas_Lerman: I have added a Zooz outdoor motion detector with my Samsung Smartthings Hub.
Then I have created “IF” “THEN” Automation:
If Motion detected, Then zone 1 ON.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow me to set the time in the Smartthings. Then I thought, perhaps the duration is being controlled by the Rachio, but I can’t figure out how to change to 1 or 2 minutes, or 3 max because that’s all I need. Raccoons have almost destroyed my lawn by looking for grubs, so I am trying to save what is left of it. I have set it up last night, and it looks like is working since I didn’t see more damage and my sensor got tipped 4 times last night but the duration of 10 minutes it way to much.

I just looked at the information on the SmartThings integration shows below ( am sure you have seen this). Since it says that it is limited to performing Quick Runs, I do not think you can change this. The odd thing to me is that you are seeing 10 minutes and it seems that I have always seen Quick Runs defaulting and using 3 minutes with no way to change in these integrations.

If you set up an IFTTT routine, there is a selection that allows you to tell the zone how long to run. Unfortunately, IFTTT is no longer free. I think I am paying a couple of bucks per month…totally worth it.

Smartthings made a change about a year ago that took out the selection that allowed you to specifiy how long to run. Rachio was letting you set your quick runs in the app but no longer supports that. Fortunately it is still a selection in IFTTT.