Deciphering "Time Saved" and skips for flex daily schedules


I am new to Rachio and trying to figure out what the home screen is talking about when it shows “0m Time Saved” and “0 Weather Intelligence Skips”.

It rained yesterday and Rachio rescheduled the upcoming waterings accordingly. This is what I expected from the daily flex schedule. But this doesn’t count as a weather skip or a time saver? Wouldn’t not running due to the rain be the time we’re talking about saving?


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Unfortunately we don’t currently track savings or skips due to flex daily schedule. Flex daily never runs, until it runs so it is a little more difficult to track those statistics. I have some ideas how we can “back” into savings but will take some time to implement.

Hope this helps.


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Oh interesting…I guess that makes sense.

But I wonder why so much of the home screen UI is devoted to these stats? I don’t have any schedules which are fixed or monthly, so it seems like the app shouldn’t clutter up the screen with the broken metrics?