Deadly Results & Operation of Controller Question

I think we have a problem. I was under the impression that once I programmed all the times, days and zones I wanted watered this program resided on a chip inside the wall unit and even if the internet failed and was off for a week my lawn would get watered on schedule. It appears as if this gen 2 loses internet connection and that internet does not come back or my modem / router needs to be reset and I’m away for six weeks like I often am my lawn will be dead. Is this true?


It transitions to an offline schedule if you lose internet. I think it is just some default schedule.

What exactly does or is an offline schedule. I have specific watering days and if I water on days and times other than the city says it big time fines up to $500 per day. I cannot have this for any reason. Please explain. If the default schedule when wifi is out is anything other than what I programmed this controller to come on for then I have to send this unit back and return to my Toro. Please advise and point to literature where I can find out for sure

Sorry looks like I was mistaken, it runs the last save schedule

I have three schedules so I’m assuming it will run all three consecutively as it does now every hour apart, correct.

Yeah per the article start times don’t change. If you have flex schedule the frequency will change though

I have the same schedule three times in one day between 5:30 AM to 8:00 AM. I guess the best thing I should do is to unplug my modem tomorrow morning before 5:30 AM and see if it runs as I have the events programmed. Thanks

FYI: Did the experiment this morning and yes, if wifi is lost but AC power isn’t the Ranchio will run (all ) your lawn watering schedules as you have them programmed. This is a saving factor for me since there are times when I’m on travel for six weeks at a time and there is no one to fix a wifi / router issue while I’m gone. To ensure I keep AC power I’m going to invest in a UPS for this unit as soon as I can find out how many watts the transformer that powers the Ranchio draws per hour.

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I think that might change after a few days of lost internet connectivity, perhaps dependant on schedule type. @franz or @George should be able to confirm.

@nvrpc1 Your controller will continue to run the last saved schedule indefinitely until it reconnects to the internet!


@mckynzee This is the backup mechanism that I was recalling. Your statement make it sound like the same Flex schedule would run indefinitely. Would you please clarify ??


Fixed schedules will run as defined. Flex Daily schedules will revert to every 3 days. Not sure about Flex Monthly since I find them useless.

It would be nice if the Flex Daily schedules reverted to the"projected schedule" since that might be more (or less) frequent than every 3 days.


You can periodically monitor your router (ping it) from remote locations to ensure you still have internet connection to your modem It is fails for any significant time, then you can have a landscaping professional intervene if no one is at the property to assist with troubleshooting and restoration of the internet.

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@sbillard This is correct- sorry for not being more clear! Your controller will wait 24 hours, and if it is still disconnected, it will start a schedule that runs every three days for your flex daily schedules. For flex monthly, fixed interval, and fixed days, the controller will continue to run the last saved schedule.