Dead Device on Install

Ordered the Rachio 2 from Amazon and installed the device and all corresponding wires. But when I power the device, nothing lights up. I’ve plugged other devices into the outlet and they work fine. But the Rachio does not. Any suggestions?

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@reganjimc - I’ve seen one or two posts of a DOA power supply. Do you have a volt meter to test the power supply? Does it make any noise? I’d email or call the number and I think they’ll have a new power supply or controller out to you PDQ.


Thanks, DLane. I can’t find a phone number anywhere. Don’t have a volt meter to test the power supply, but I do know the outlet works fine. Plenty of juice. Also confirmed that my wires were all connected correctly.

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@reganjimc - if the number that I sent you via a direct message doesn’t work, then ping @mckynzee.

No worries on not having a voltmeter, I was just trying to confirm that was the issue.

The app also can create a ticket along with the site contact option.

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