Days to water bug?


I’ve noticed that when I specify days to water - say I tick the boxes for Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, the schedule information displays the preceding days (Mon, Wed and Fti) as the watering days…Anyone else had this problem or is this NewbieI missing something?


Hey @WokingWounded-

Thank you for letting us know! Need a couple more details to test… What schedule type are you creating? Are you seeing this on web, iOS, or Android? I recall you saying in a different post you were an international user… where are you located?

McKynzee :rachio:


Hi McKynzee. I’m using Android 7.1.2 and the web app. On further investigation prompted by your questions it turns out that I don’t get the problem on the web app, only on my phone. It doesn’t seem to matter which schedules - I’ve got one fixed schedule and two daily flex ones - if I specify watering days, they are one day slipped. I’m in the UK about 25 miles SW of London.


Hey @WokingWounded-

I am struggling to replicate this (I’m thinking because of location). Do you mind if I do some testing on your account? I will make sure I don’t let any schedules run!

McKynzee :rachio:


Be my guest!