Date Watered Not Correct (In Australia)

Can you pls have a look at the attached Pics of the Web and Android App.

  • Android App : Looks Correct
  • Web App: It shows 4 Zones where the “My Yard - Watered Date” does not match the date listed from the “Watered History”. I’ve added in Red the local date (24th of Sept).


Hey @jmone - did you get this sorted? In Aus as well, and looking at either a SkyDrop or Rachio, still trying to decide :slight_smile:

Seems like you’ve had a good experience from a few forum posts?


Hey Nathan-

Thanks for making us aware, sorry for the delayed response. We have run into issues with Australian users due to the time difference in the past. I will have our team look into this!

McKynzee :rachio: