Data loss and random behaviour after v3 upgrade

Since I upgraded the Rachio app to v3 on my iPhone, I have observed the following:

  • The watering history for all zones has disappeared. Now they read “Has not watered yet”.
  • Soil moisture figures look random. It’s been raining heavily for over 2 weeks, and some of my zones show 7% moisture (which is obviously wrong) whereas others show 92%.
  • Moisture graphs won’t show, not on my phone and not on the web. I’ve tried with Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer on 3 different computers, with identical results.
  • Consequently, I can’t update the wrong moisture numbers, and the system is threatening to water in a few days again, despite the fact that it’s pouring with rain.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app twice, to no avail. I am not sure if these problems are related to the mobile app, to the new website, or neither. But it’s a big disappointment, after such a long time of flawless watering.

Any ideas? Thanks.