Dashboard Histogram

just got Gen3 going. great product. few use-case scenarios that may be helpful for future roadmap / development

curious if you have plans to include dashboard histograms for rain totals, based on my selection of rain totals in weather intelligence?..in other words, if i select dont water if it rains .0125", can we see a graph of rainfall totals in red where the system didnt water, based on that selection? and maybe in green where it did water?----in addition, can see a graph of predictions------so if i select .0125", it would show what days it predicts the system will skip, and if i select a higher number, it would show a graph reflective of predictions for the newer / higher number?

I can create a few charts that will better illustrate the data output if that will aide my descriptions.

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I am not currently aware of any plans the developers have to make something like you describe, but it is definitely a good idea! I will certainly bring it up with them and see it that is something we could look into further.

In the meantime, there are several places where you can get this rainfall data, if you are curious.

  1. The history tab will show you the previous/forecasted rain totals when it runs its weather intelligence checks.
  2. If you have a Flex Daily schedule, you can observe the precipitation recorded for each day in the moisture graphs on a zone by zone basis.
  3. You can go to the weather station selection screen and click on the link for the station you are using. This will take you to that stations website where you can observe all the historical precipitation data. This is where the Rachio pulls the weather data, so this might be the best one for you to use for the time being.