Damaged wire terminal

I had to remove my controller because I needed to change the outside housing box I was using.

All the wires except for C and 1 came out just fine by using a small screwdriver to press the release.

Those 2 would not release. I did get them out but they got messed up.

I rewired with the other C but my 1 terminal is messed up and not holding the wire correctly.

Is the unit snapped or glued together?

I’m sure if I could open the case I could fix it…just don’t want to pry it open if it is glued together.

I dont know if this is a common issue or if Rachio support would be able to help.


@sjones0812 I’d reach out to support@rachio.com with a couple photos. They will be able to help troubleshoot with your hardware issues.



I have the same problem. The C terminal to the left of station 9 is damaged. The wire release button is pushed all the way down. Thankfully I do not need it currently but qwould like to know if it is easily replaced

@franz Will take a photo and send it to support.

@mdcooper6 same issue…wire release is stuck all the way down on both the C and 1. Every other terminal worked as expected.

Yes I’m just installing mine, can not get the common line to hold wire. Tried over and over, so decided to put a extremely small flat screwdriver in the slot to ensure it was not held up somewhere. Guess what it fell apart! Now can’t use it.9

@kJ726 - which model - Gen 2 or Gen 3. Rachio has a two year warranty for their product. I’d contact support, send a photo and get a RMA.

Also, there are two C on the Gen 2 8 zone model.

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Yea I need two. I’ll try caping two wires together. Thanks