Cycle & Soak Settings

Was wondering if someone could give me suggestions on how to do what I would like to do. I’ve pretty much reached my limit on calendar items that I can schedule, but I need to run some misters/foggers in a greenhouse on a regular schedule between noon and 6:00. Ideally what I would like is for them to run 30 seconds every 10 minutes. Would it be possible to use Manual Cycle and Soak to accomplish this? I did a test and it didn’t work. My thought was if I used manual cycle and soak I could break up the watering so that it would run for one minute and then it would cycle off and then restart again with the 10 minute delay. What would be the correct settings to make that work?

To get the watering time down to 30 seconds, would it be possible (for just that zone) to set a seasonal shift to reduce the watering from 1 minute down to 30 seconds?

I don’t think that’s possible. Currently the only way to water less than one minute is to use our open API.


Is there any plans to allow for watering less than one minute? There are plenty of applications for this feature. Flower pots, greenhouse misters, drip irrigation systems. All my other less sophisticated irrigation timers had this capability. Water is wasted when water is allowed to run out from the drain holes in the pots.

Sorry not on our short term road map.


Thank you for your candor and prompt reply. It must not be an easy software change. So using the (smart?) cycle and soak feature with a fixed sprinkler and clay soil designation will not work as a work around to obtain a watering time less than one minute? Is there any user expert that can write a ifttt routine or app for a designated watering schedule trigger with a watering time of less than one minute?

How about the other part of my question in regards to the duration and the like for the manual cycle and soak? What would be the proper settings for that?

Can you restate the question? What is the desired outcome assuming we can’t water less than one minute.



To clarify, what would be the proper cycle and soak settings to use if I wanted to water let’s say every 20 minutes for 1 minute over the course of an hour. Would a Manual Cycle and Soak with the cycle set to 3 minutes and soak set to 20 minutes accomplish this? Would the watering Duration be set to 1 minute? Since it is manual I would assume that soil type and slope done come into play. I also assume a fixed spray head would be the correct setting? Right now I’m at my limit with the number of watering cycles (I think 16 is the limit), so I’m trying to setup this mister using cycle and soak so I can break it up into 3 watering cycles utilizing the delay.

I would setup a cycle time of 1 minute and a soak time 20 minutes and then a duration equal to the number of hours multiplied by three. For example if you want to run for 8 hours then your duration would be 24 minutes.


Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Updated with correct math. :wink:


Thanks. I wondered about that.

I wonder if you could use a time delay relay. Relay Triggers with the zone, and the output powers the zones solenoid, which cuts off after 30 seconds.

Maybe something like this:

I’ve done this type of thing before but never used this particular device. If you want to do it cheap and build int the controller you can build the timer with a 555 timer IC and a half dozen small components. But that’s getting really :nerd_face: geeky.

Thanks. I think what I have will work but isn’t ideal. A misting of the plants for 1 minute is a little long, but by only doing it 3 times per hour it should be okay.

Have you consider looking at a home automation system to accomplish this requirement. For example using Samsung Smarthings and Webcore?