Cycle & Soak for custom runs

I noticed that there isn’t an option for a cycle & soak for a custom or quick run. One alternative could be to let us run our quick schedule but give us the option to choose which zones to turn on.

Example I have flex monthly schedule setup for rotor heads on a cool season lawn. If I only want to water the front lawn with a cycle and soak option I would have to run my schedule, but I’d have to run all the zones. If i do the quick run option, it won’t cycle & soak (unless this is not working).

I have cycle & soak setup under the schedule as the default recommended option.


Do you know if it’s a certain amount of watering time per zone for the smart cycle to activate? I’m also on cool season grass in New England new user not even a month yet. But haven’t noticed smart cycle working yet

I have each zone in a separate schedule so I can control what part of the lawn is watered and have cycle and soak turned on.