Cycle seasonal adjustment - manually

My last controller was a Hunter PRO-C. I often used the percentage control to change the times my stations ran based on how wet my yard was staying. In the Rachio, the only option I see is to go in and actually change the watering times. So I lose my baseline water durations on my schedule. It would be nice to have the option to adjust the schedule to run at say 90% until I adjust otherwise. Or 75%. I understand the weather controls work to do this with adjusting based on rain, hot weather. But living in Seattle I find the yard in the spring starts off very wet so i need to shorten watering cycle time. And I can’t always just skip the watering because of new planting’s going in for the spring.

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Ironically we used to allow adjustments by percentage. :man_facepalming: I agree with this and will relay to product team.


@James-Seattle - I’d try adjusting the crop coefficient instead of minutes.

Interesting concept, I know will adjust frequency only, and can’t remember if schedules other than flex daily, id need to check.


@franz - you’re the expert! But I was thinking that variable is the easiest to change and would let the yard dry out and wouldn’t mess up duration.

I agree with this. Please bring back manual control of seasonal adjustment %!

My workaround for this was to make 6 different schedules for different percentages but if I decide to fine-tune my zone run times then I have to adjust them in all 6 schedules. Also, I can’t sort my list of schedules so the percentages are in a random order.

I have a 2nd gen 8-zone controller and use the Android app on a Pixel 2.