Cycle and soak

Cycle and soak isn’t working instead the entire duration is allowed to run in one go. I don’t know why…any help?

I wish that setting it force the cycle & soak all the time, but it seems not to be. I found Smart Cycle and manual cycle and soak features which might help (I will have to read through it myself when I have some more time). A quick look at that seems to show it is based upon how much water, the soil type, and slope. I do not have runoff or pooling, but my water goes runs through the loamy sand rather quickly.

Yoo should be able to force a soak by increasing the slope setting of the zone.

Please note that automatic cycle and soak only works if you choose one of the turf options for Spray Head (Fixed or Rotor). If you have one of the Drip Options selected, it won’t soak. However, if for some reason you want a drip zone to have an automatic cycle and soak, you can just select one of the Spray Head Turf options for the zone.