Cycle and Soak all day?

Hi there,

I am located in South Houston/Tx area and have been using the Rachio going into the second season, though have been noticing extensive runoff…

Now that we are in the summer (at least it feels like it today being 90F)… I am noticing excessive runoff from a few of my zones even though the cycle/soak is activated. Could it be that I need to make some advanced adjustments because of the Houston area soil? In addition to the runoff, I feel like sometimes one zone will be running 10+ hours in water/soak mode not leaving enough time for another zone to complete hours before sundown…

Also, if you have one tree and 500sqft of Saint Augustine grass in one zone do I need to set the zone type to trees or warm season grass. Thanks

Mixing a tree and grass in the same zone is tough. One of them is not going to get watered appropriately. You are most likely going to want to water for the grass and let the tree survive on Mother Nature.

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