CWOP Weather Station Error - Wrong Forecast - Illinois vs Arizona

I have my own weather station and was very pleased to see it was available in Rachio, since I send my information to CWOP. Unfortunately, the forecast shown with the station is incorrect. My weather station was originally located in Illinois, but is now in Arizona. The station is correctly located here (in Arizona):

Unfortunately whoever is picking up the location of the station seems to be taking the original location of the station in Illinois. If you look at the location history you can see the changes and that it was originally in Illinois.

Rachio list the station as MID_E1689. This incorrect location causes the forecast to be for McHenry Illinois vs Fountain Hills Arizona. I was trying to figure out why I was getting rain skips, when it almost never rains in Arizona :slight_smile:

Who is making this error and how do I contact them?

Actually Rachio does not receive data directly from CWOP, they get their data from NOAA where CWOP can upload data if you ask them to.

You will need to email and ask them to update your location, unfortunately while location update on CWOP is automatic, similar update at NOAA is manual (that is why they ask you to verify location before they’ve originally added it to NOAA).

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I shot off the email, but lat and long look right on NOAA:

Let us know if cwop-support end up helping. Is this (link) you wu station?

Yeah - that’s my WU station. This is the station direct -

Well, let us know if CWOP ever starts showing the right forecast, also please keep us informed about any feedback you get from CWOP support email. Checking here (link), your station does appear to be in the right place now, unfortunately I’ve not thought to check it 3 days ago.

Meanwhile I’ve added your data to the private beta of the wufyi site. Your data will soon show up within Rachio as “KAZFOUNT19” via pwsweather (link). Feel free to contact me via if you ever run into issues with this setup. Feel free to switch your Rachio to this station and hopefully the issues with the forecast will be solved (workaround, I know, but better than waiting).


Thanks Gene. I did get a reply back from CWOP. They do have the correct lat and long from my station. I mentioned that Rachio data is showing the wrong latitude and longitude. He replied that he had never heard of them and they are not a known subscriber to CWOP data. Whoever is aggregating this for Rachio has a bug (as best I can tell). I’d like to get it fixed, since it reflects badly on my station (which I take pride in providing to my town).

I have switched to PWS Weather for you and my system is working great. I decided to publish through them for a bit to see how that goes.

I also see KAZFOUNT19 from you and Weather Underground. I will try it as soon as things are stable (here). Thanks for providing the integration.