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For three weeks now, I’ve been trying to get my water history usage retrieved as it was all removed after Rachio performed their recent upgrade. Customer service has been less than helpful and won’t even provide updates to me regarding my ticket. I’ve called support twice now and they just provide the standard canned message of “we are working on it.”. I can’t get any commitments from support on when this will be resolved. It’s frustrating because I need this data to provide to my sewer company as I am trying to appeal my bill which is all based on water consumption. It’s frustrating that a software upgrade removed this data and now it’s like pulling teeth to get it back. What will it take to get this data back? I logged my support ticket three weeks ago and I still can’t get anyone from Rachio to take an extra five minutes to address the issue. I love your product, but your customer support is horrible. Hopefully someone in management will address this issue since in this form since I can’t even get a supervisor on the phone when I called support today. I was promised a call back from a supervisor, which never happened. Please advise…

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We are working on an easy way to download all your V2 usage data through the webapp. This functionality will be available soon barring any major issues we find in testing.

Sorry for any confusion on the CS team front, we are trying to build a better process around information sharing.

Hope this helps. As soon as this feature is available we will post on the forums and I’ll DM you.


Are we thinking this week?

In fairness, the recent update did away with water history usage and went to a time history (was this a good change, I don’t know, I never bothered to pay attention to either). This was a complete software, coding, backend change, so I’m not sure how you can get that upset with customer service that they haven’t gotten this fixed for you in 3 weeks. It took them over a year to develop V3 software as a whole…

@franz is on it and I can almost guarantee you will have something, but lets be realistic with our expectations…

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@tmcgahey - Thank you for your input. The reason for post was because of the lack of customer service that was being provided both via phone and via the ticket. If you go and read more in some of these other threads, I am not the only one upset about the fact that this feature was removed with the upgrade. Folks, like me rely on this data and it’s frustrating that it was removed with the recent upgrade. When I contacted support regarding this, all I kept getting told was “we are working on it”, with no reason why the data was removed and if / when it was even going to be restored. I have little faith that anything was even being done to address this, which is why I had to resort to coming on this forum and posting about it. I could’t get any updates or anyone to respond to my ticket that I had logged. If support could have taken 5 minutes to provide the information that @franz provided here, then that would have been all that was needed. Now that I have that information, I will wait for @franz to reach out to me when this is ready. As far as being realistic about my expectation, I am being more than realistic…

Totally agree. I’ve been reading the uproar of changing the way it is displayed, time vs. gallons. Did you actually find that the gallons used was accurate? Is the city that you are using this against taking the data as gold?

I just feel that since the gallons used was a function of precipitation rate and area, I just didn’t find it accurate at all.

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I didn’t actually sample the data myself to see if it’s completely accurate. The city has taken this data, which I have previously provided to them as gold, yes. I’ve been able to use this to help with my appeal when it comes to how they are charging me for sewer consumption to show that I have an irrigation system and that a fair amount of water goes towards my lawn and not the house. Based on that data, my bill has actually been reduced.

You get gallons used if you have a flow sensor on the system


If you login to the webapp at you can click on the usage download link and it will have all previous usage data. Please let us know if you have any follow up questions or feedback.



Thank you @franz. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again for following up with me on this! I do have one other question, which I will DM you about (separate issue).