Current Time

Hello - How can I tell what Rachio thinks is the current time? I cannot find it in the online dashboard. It seems my watering schedules are off by about 15 min. If the time is wrong, how can I fix that?

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It could be your schedule stacking (schedules overlapping or starting at the same time) or a schedule with an “end by” that is moving schedules around.


Exactly, which is why I want to know the time that Rachio thinks it is so that I can figure that out.

The system clock on the controller is synchronized (hourly/daily) so it should be very close to real time. It could drift a few seconds but usually not much more than that. If you think the clock is way off, a power cycle should resync the time immediately.


I could do that, but I really want to know what its time is so I would know to do that power cycle.

The system clock is not viewable through our software.


OK, thanks. I was able to independently verify that the zones are going off at the correct times, but you might consider adding this to the next iteration of your website and app.

I took a look at the controller clock on my Rachio 2:

When working normally, it syncs with NTP about once an hour.

The internal clock appears to lose about 4 seconds per hour. If internet connectivity is lost, or if a problem with your router/firewall blocks NTP, a fixed schedule would lose ~90 seconds per day; after a month watering would be about 45 minutes late.

Even if NTP isn’t working, you should be able to see the current value of the controller clock in the Transmit Timestamp of the NTP requests being sent out.


I love this thoroughness.


I feel like most people aren’t going to want to learn wireshark to check the system time tho. :slight_smile: That said, I don’t care what time the controller thinks it is. As long as the grass stays green I don’t mind when it comes on really. I bought this controller to eventually set and forget. If I needed that much control over it I could have left the dumb one in place. My 3 cents.

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