Crop Coefficient Adjustment Update

A large number of posts, going years back and the latest in March, in this forum seem to indicate that the Crop Coefficient setting in each zone is fixed to the value entered by the user and is NOT adjusted seasonally by the software. I read a number of requests, including support from Franz of Rachio, for a user adjustable seasonal adjustment so users can match the specific Crop Coefficient for their plants in their region. Does anyone know if this has happened, or is the setting static still?

Static. I know Rachio founders have been active recently and have hinted at some pretty cool updates that are in the works. While this is a fantastic idea and I hope it does come out, since every region, state, micro climate, etc would have different crop coefficients throughout the year, not to mention different crop types…the database and programing for something of that scale would be quite a chore I image.

I wouldn’t expect Rachio to keep up with all of it. Just provide a table, with a value for each month, at the zone level. So my grass zones I would set up coefficient values for each month for the specific turf grass in my lawn in my area. Pretty simple upgrade actually…