Crop coefficent curves vs fixed

Hi, I am using your gen 2 controller for my home orchard, Deciduous, Citrus (Evergreen), and tropical zones.

Is there much interest in allowing the use of crop coefficient curves vs the fixed factor currently, as the Deciduous crop coefficient vary widely over the seasons ie from 20% up to 75% or higher during fruit production. Currently I am planning to change it manually each season, but it would be nice to have it automated as that is the point of the controller right? does the automatic seasonal adjustment approximate this function?

What does everyone else do in winter?


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I probably would have posed this question towards the end of the watering season. I also have fruit trees. At this point I’m planning manual adjustments for my stone fruits several times a year. Mid-season adjustment is due soon.

We used to automate throughout the year before exposing the crop coefficient value for users to adjust. At some point I’d like to reintroduce that feature. Just need to think how it works for users that have overridden their coefficients.


I’m very happy that crop coefficients are adjustable - lots of variability (depending on plant, weather pattern). So ETc is one variable I want total control over. Gotta have something to stress about and keep me engaged with my plants! :slight_smile:

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Hi Franz,

By automated I mean set the annual curve and forget, it is important to be able to vary the curve as for example crop coefficients vary based on canopy coverage, and temperature zone not just crop type

probably only need 3 adjustable points that then blend together, dormancy, crop development and harvest/predormancy

All good if not however as Kubisuro mentioned it is fun to have something still to adjust.