Creating separate schedules for each zone?

I have 3 zones for my device and instead of creating one schedule for all 3 zones, I am creating a separate schedule for each zone so I have a total of 3 schedules.

Is there any reasons why this might be a bad idea?


What kind of schedules are you running? Any reason you did it that way?

No particular reason, just new to all this and it is just the way I set it up and I just wanted to know if there are any issues doing it that way. Thanks

Fair enough. IMHO a flex daily schedule let’s each zone get water when/if it’s needed. The system will do its best to start in enough time to finish by sunrise based on how many zones and if any soak cycles are needed.

Could you share (a screen shot of) the schedules?

What do you need to do to setup Flex Daily? I have tried that but mine is greyed out. I guess I am missing something. I only am able to select Flex Monthly.

Greyed out? Never heard that one before.

From your computer, log in to and click Schedule. What schedules appear? Then click + and report which options appear.

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You will need to start over. You can’t change from one type of schedule to another. Delete all your schedules now, and then you can create one flex daily schedule and include all three zones in it. Then, you need to make sure the details for each zone are correct in terms of types of plants, soil, etc. then Rachio will basically treat each zone based on its settings, so it may water one zone a long time and not to often, and another every day for short periods. That’s an example, it depends on the settings.

Flex daily takes more time to tweak and set up, but once you have done that correctly, it’s excellent and adjusts everything all on its own as needed.

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I used to have schedules were all zones were included and only certain days to be watered, then I went to I just changed. 1 zone per schedule, where it can water any day, but has to be done by 7 am and each is flex-monthly. It is working fine the zones were watered when needed and it is simpler. Currently planning on at least two dribbler zones to handle some flower beds.