Creating an on-demand schedule for Winter use

Normally I use a Fully Flexible schedule and that seems to be fine.

However, here in Colorado Springs, we can get much sun (I have a south facing back yard) and so it is recommended that we try to water 1-2 times /per month, even in the winter. But the days to do so aren’t predictable, (like today, it’s 60 degrees outside, but tomorrow a cold front comes through and it’s 45 as the high).

So, what I’d like to do is create a schedule that isn’t activated, that I can just hit “Run Now” when the day is nice and I can
turn on the sprinklers.

Here’s where I get confused. When this schedule runs, I would like it to do the usual multiple short intervals to prevent runoff (I have silty clay in my backyard, and I have a gentle slope). So, what kind of schedule should I create and how do I program it to make sure it’s running each zone several times for a short duration (eg, 3x20m or 4x15m) instead of one long run (1x60m)?

I would just create a fixed interval schedule and make sure you disable it.

Then, you can navigate into the schedule at any time and run it.

If you’ve enabled smart cycle (on by default) it will break up the schedule into different cycles based on your zone characteristics. This is a cheat sheet on how it will break up the schedule.

Just let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks and have a great day!