Create a schedule with just 1 zone?


I have a zone which has new sod, and I’d like to water just that zone a couple extra times a day, but I can’t seem to deselect the other zones when creating a new schedule. How do I accomplish this?

I have a Gen 1 8 zone controller.


Are you using the web app? Earlier this season I had problems where the web app wouldn’t let me do this, but I could do it from my iPhone

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Yes, I was using the web app. Trying with the iOS app did allow me to select one zone, thanks. This seems to be a bug in the web app.

Hey @CarryWise-

This is a software defect in our web app that our development team is aware of. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause!

McKynzee :rachio:

Ahem…while we’re on the subject…

That web app was truly a mess when I last tried it (I think a week or two ago). It had way more problems than “a software defect”. It was truly unusable.

I hope you folks have dedicated some resources to getting that fixed (or rewritten) - not all of us are surgically joined to our cellphones (yet!). Plus there are some environments (like where I work) where people do not have access to their phones at all.


BTW, new user here, but there is a workaround in the web app. Set up your new watering schedule, then, when complete, you can edit the zones that are included in the schedule. I just did this today, as I have two new zones and the new plants need a much more aggressive schedule than my existing zones. I just created the schedule I needed, and then edited to remove the unwanted zones. Works fine (obviously, fixing the software would be ideal, but you can still accomplish what you want.)


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Hey @klandingham-

Sorry for the sub par experience- we never like to hear that! Other than the selecting zones issue (I know this is a big one), did you run into any other issues? Just want to make sure I capture all of your feedback appropriately.

McKynzee :rachio:

I’ve run into quite a few issues - I think that most of them have to do with page updating. I don’t have time to go through the entire interface now (nor do I care to, unless you want to send me a check, haha) but here’s a few that stood out right off the bat:

Turn on a zone manually: clicking shows a “Sending to device” popup frame with a “busy” spinner - it never goes away. I can move mouse off that popup and the popup goes away, but if I reopen it the spinner is still there. I have to manually reload the entire page to get rid of it, which seems to suggest that the actual device communication did finish a while ago, but the page didn’t update accordingly.

Manually running a zone: (related) the page doesn’t update to show the “watering now” status unless I manually reload it myself using the browser’s reload button. This is particularly problematic since the updated page has the only interface I could find to abort the watering, so if you manually water and want to stop it, you have to reload the entire page yourself.

Add a watering schedule: select fixed interval schedule - on zone selection popup all available zones are selected - none of the checkmark buttons seem to work - I can click on any one but nothing changes visually - the zones may indeed be getting deselected in the code, but in the interface they stay checked - I would assume the intended behavior was for them to update to visual selected/unselected state. Clicking Next then Back in the wizard doesn’t fix the visuals.

…those are but a few…

I used Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) for the above, but if memory serves I was seeing the same issues on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Thank you for elaborating! Understood you don’t have time to go through everything but what you provided is super helpful. Last question, I promise, what browser are you using when running into these issues?

I just realized I hadn’t mentioned that and I just updated my post.

Keep asking questions!