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Hi looking for any advise. This is our first season with the Rachio. Before this we basically watered every other day and didn’t have any rain sensor. This year we have used the flex scheduling. Our backyard is being taken over by crab grass. We have had lots of rain and often that is all the irrigation that we are getting based on the flex. I am wondering if any of this could be encouraging the crab grass, does the root system respond differently to the less frequent watering? Any pointers or suggested changes to setting would be helpful. ![image|281x499](upload://kkZQV0lKNLFTEj0YLCXbWOWyJ8D.jpg

Your photo didn’t come through but I am very familiar with what crabgrass looks like. Regardless of how much or how little you water, crabgrass will be a part of your yard until you eradicate it. Crabgrass loves drought condition as well as heavy watering conditions.

There are two known ways to get rid of it. 1 is to meticulously pull out every clump that you find and wait for the next batch to emerge from the same spot. ( This happens because some of the root breaks off and comes back later). 2. Spray it with a select post emergent herbicide with 2-4 D and quinclorac. Those are the key ingredients to kill and help prevent future outbreaks.

What kind of grass do you have besides the crabgrass?

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Thank you for the response. The picture was actually of my rachio settings. We’re in jersey it’s was sodded about 10 years ago so I think a mix of bluegrass/ fescue. Every year we battle with crab grass even has a random strawberry patch appear in the middle of the lawn one year.
Landscapers supposedly treat for crabgrass in the spring and we do try to pull as it arises. This year we had a very rainy August but also busy schedule so very little weeding occurred. This along with the new use of the Rachio I was just curious if the change in the way we were watering was further encouraging the overgrowth. Our lawn now looks mainly like a ton healthy looking crab grass and brown patches/too much thatch.

Since you have bluegrass you will avoid the previous recommended crabgrass formula. Bayer has one that is just for use when you have bluegrass since bluegrass is considered as a weed in certain areas.

I have a bluegrass mix in my lawn and use a diluted amount of the aforementioned formula.

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