Could somebody please explain this Weather Intelligence Plus display?

… because I can’t make any sense of it. Why are May 22nd and 23rd between May 24th and May 26th? Why is May 14th (“Today”) between the 20th and 24th?

This sure looks more like Weather Ignorance Plus to me.

I’m a user, not a Rachio team member.

The web application is known to be very buggy and is no longer actively supported. To see a valid display you must use the phone or tablet apps.


Like @kuryanthomas said, there is a pin at the top of the page for the issues with the web app.

So is someone working on this or are we just supposed to live with it. In 2023 that seems a pretty poor excuse for not resolving the issue. I’ve had my system for several years and this is the first I’ve had an issue

sounds like they gave up on it, its been borked like this for quite a while, since last fall or before for sure

Yep, mine too. Use the mobile app.