Could a Water Utility Monitor controllers?

I wonder if a program/variance were in place for smart controllers if a water agency could be given full access to Rachio to be able to determine if utility customers were operating on a wrong watering day? They could send a warning or issue a citation upon investigation by water conservation enforcement employees in the field. Does anyone think this is possible or just crazy. Might generate some discussion.[quote=“robertokc, post:1, topic:5904”]

The only way this would fly would be a voluntary opt in program and I think too many people would be spooked by it to make it financially feasible.

Our city ‘reads meters’ via an RF connection to everyone meter. They then provide the information to all customers via their municipal water web site. The data is provided in 15 minute increments.

Makes it easy to determine if a leak is present. Just look at the data during periods when no water should have been flowing.

Most water consumer accounts do not have separate meters for non-landscape irrigation versus landscape irrigation. Some do, though, and thus, yes, our city does have a means, again for some, to check if the landscape irrigation meter shows usage during wrong periods. Accuracy is difficult though, because there are other uses for water flowing through landscape irrigiation meters, besides landscaping. For example, my pool fill function come via the landscape watering meter.

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In the electrical industry the installation of SmartMeters met with a ton of resistance, public outcry, legislation and pain. Somebody would need to be really motivated to move down this path.