Cooling off my lawn

Just had a new irrigation system installed with Rachio. Was wondering if there was a way to have Rachio run each zone for short time (5 mins) to cool off grass if temperature hit a certain threshold during a time range.

Is your lawn established and it’s just the sprinkler system is new? Or is the grass new also?

Both. I just had sprinklers installed. I also killed off grass and have new grass growing.

You can a manual schedule for each time that you want it to run… so if you wanted three times daily, setup 3 manual schedules.

You can use IFTTT with some degree of success. But a temperature related schedule modifier would be much better. There is a product suggestion for this: Temperature-Based Watering Schedule Perhaps you can add your “vote.”

I would do my research, and im sure there are smarter turf people here than myself, but wouldn’t you not want to do this? You want your grass to grow deep roots and not be dependent on watering when it gets hot. Doing stuff like this may prevent your grass from growing deep roots and will make it very dependent on your sprinklersystem

This article has some helpful information

@xSpecBx You are correct that he would not want to be watering frequently for normal, establish grass. If he just planted new grass seed (which is why i assumed here), then he’ll want to keep it frequently to keep the seed moist.

@Modawg2k reasonable assumption. To do this I setup fixed interval schedules based on some feedback fron people here. It seems to me that he wanted some kind of trigger based on temperature