Controlling time that IFTTT wind trigger samples

I posted this and received no comment or response, so I’ll try again, this time just a simple question.

I have the recommended IFTTT wind trigger setup and working as described in the support doc. What I’d like to/need to do is to control when wind trigger is sampled. Looking at a nearby PWS I see that there us usually a lull in wind ~5AM – that is when I need to water. However, it looks like if IFTTT sees wind above my threshold (5mph) anytime in the day (presumably) it will trigger the rain delay and prevent watering for the entire day. Is there a way to control at what time the IFTTT sample is taken?


Just so you know ppl are not ignoring you, I have no idea.

@mclaser As far as I know there is not a way to modify when the IFTTT wind trigger samples.

The description leads me to believe it is all or nothing.

This Trigger fires every time the wind speed rises above a value you specify in your location.