Controlling multiple sites and monitoring for broken pipes/sprinklers as well as total water usage

I would like to control multiple sites from one app. This would also be great for commercial sites, especially if the controllers could handshake with each other or act as repeaters.
Also, I would like to suggest an add on module that could register water flow via a special replacement master valve or an add on to go in line before irrigation valves. This would be a simple pulse signal that could be hard wired or transmit digitally over the master valve 24v trigger wire (as a carrier), or transmitter. The controller would learn the pulse compared to know flow needs of each separate zone. If that flow rate substantially increased, the controller could shut off that zone and notify the owner of excess water – broken zone. The controller could also take the pulse signal and use it to keep a log of “units” of consumption for the total system – giving very accurate intel on changes to system that increase water conservation.
It would be great to have 30-40 zone units, with these features, for commercial applications. I would replace all 20 on one property in a second. A simple wi-fi net would be great.

@jon‌ Thanks for the feedback and great suggestions. For our next generation of hardware we are indeed looking into the ability to use an external water flow meter. Also, we are defining exactly what the software will look like for contractors, professionals to control large number of Iros. Going above 16 zones is something we have talked about but have not made definitive decisions. We are looking at controlling multiple Iros as one logical unit.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions or want to continue this discussion in a private thread since it seems like you have very specific use cases for the ‘real’ world.


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