Controller will not start valves

I have a Rachio Gen 2 Smart Sprinkler Controller 8 zone unit installed and has been working like a charm and as expected.

But as of this year now that it is no longer raining, the controller will activate the valves. There are 4 valves connected to it. I have disconnected them cut back the wires a bit and reconnected back into the controller and have done the same for the valve wiring. I can use a toner and i get signal from the valve to the controller. I can open the valves manually so there is water.

So I have power to the valve from the controller and I have water flowing yet when i trigger the irrigation from the controller or from the app, the valve does not open. This is happening to all 4 zones.

Any help will be appriciated.


Master Valve or no?

Can you confirm the common wire gets a tone too? Are all zone solenoids connected to common wire correctly in the box?

Yes, common wire tones out. I testes all 4 solenoid wires and the common. As mentioned before, I rewire all 4 solenoids and teh controller as well before reaching out to you to avoid any silly questions on my part.

OK, so is there where this ends??

Can you provide photos of your setup? Also I know you’ve mentioned that you’ve used a toner to test the wire continuity, but have you tested actual AC voltage at the valves? It is possible that a partial break or short would provide enough connectivity for the tone to get through, but provide a high impedance obstruction for the power to get to your valves.

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Yes, I did and there is no voltage coming out of the terminal of the controller.

Can you please provide a photo of your setup? How do you have the valves wired into the terminal block of your Rachio? Have you tried moving common wire to a different C terminal?