Controller running, zones not turning on

At some point during the night my controller disconnected from Wi-Fi and the custom schedules for new sod I had set up to run every 2 hours did not run. I power cycled the controller based on the support article and was able to reconnect it to Wi-Fi, however the custom schedules are still not running nor are quick runs.

I have tried running quick runs via the web and on the app over cellular. It says the quick run is active but the sprinklers are not on. This is very concerning.

Does the controller indicator light for the zone come on? If so, and the sprinklers come on when you operate the valve manually, check for ~24 VAC between the zone output and common at the controller. If good there, check at the valve.

If you have a master valve or pump in your system, provide details.

The controller lights up the correct zone when quick run is selected. Yes, the sprinklers come on when the valve is operated manually. I’m not sure what 24 VAC is between zone output and common. I have a pump in my system.

Everything has been working great for months, up until the outage last night/this morning.

@Aydo Please use this thread, closing this one.

Just tested quick runs for the other 3 zones and they work fine. It’s only 1 zone not working.

Thank you