Controller running for nearly 6 hours

It is 12:11 pm and my sprinkler system has been running since a little after 7 am. It still has about 40 minutes to go? This is madness. I only have 6 zones. How can i stop all your cycle and soaks. They are not necessary with my soil. Almost to the point of taking this controller down and reinstating my Toro Evolution with Toro Precision Soil Sensor plus smartlogic for wifi control. I mean i really like Rachio, but sonething has happened. I never ran this long. I hate to see my water bill.

Turn off smart cycle if you don’t need the soak time.

Yeah. Jacob from Rachio emailed within a few minutes. I did not know that was checked. Sorry for my tirade.


With the smart cycle, you aren’t watering anymore than usual, it just breaks the duration up a bit to keep from puddling. In reality, why do you care how long the cycles take if they are putting down the same amount of water, just more efficiently?

Because i am still watering at noon in Oklahoma. My soil is sandy loam and I dont have a runoff or puddling situation.This equals high wind, evaporation and heat. When I had the system on smart cycle and started at 2 or 3 am, the sprinklers were running full blast when i took my beagles out at 5 am. This is why I want a pause cycle.

I will admit, there’s been plenty of times in the the morning the dog is standing at the back door to be let out and I just tell him he’s out of luck until the sprinklers stop.

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I think Rachio will hopefully roll out the pause feature with their next software update. Seems like everyone wants it.

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