Controller profile no longer appears in app

What would cause the app to lose my controller profile? I recently signed in and was greeted with a “no controller” message. Given that my Rachio 3 irritation system is in a remote location I have no way to re-add it or determine the status.

@johng My guess is that a landscaper owned the controller and shared access to you, and for whatever reason that access was removed. I had the engineering team lookup some details and determined that the Distinctive Group currently “owns” the controller. Does that sound correct?


That sounds right. It is my landscaper. Maybe they winterized the system. I’ll check with them.
Thanks for your help.

I would have them re-share access, or we can transfer ownership fully to you.


Could you please transfer ownership back to me? Clearly they have no clue on what they are doing. Will this restore my configuration?

You are good to go, I would just logout/login to the app.


You guys are amazing. Thanks for all your help!