Controller isn't taking commands

My Rachio 2 isn’t taking manual command and it didn’t water a Flex schedule last night. If I choose “Manual Run” from any device (Android or Apple) I get the error “Request fail, please check connection” (Android phone). “The request could not be completed. Please try again later” (iPad).

-I’ve power cycled the R2 twice.
-Tried restarting the home network and I get the same result.All other network devices are on line and working fine.
-Ran “Update Wi-Fi Network” from App, successfully connected.(Wi-Fi signal is strong)
-Rachio does show up on my network map.
-Can run manual stations from the controller itself and I do get SMS messages when the 3 min cycle ends

Have been using this device since the begining of May without issue.

Follow Request failed, please check your connection

Issue resolved.