Controller going offline every night

I’ve had the Gen 1 for about 6 months now and finally got everything pretty much dialed in. I have not messed with the system recently and now the controller goes offline every morning at 1:03AM. The only way I can get things to reset is by unplugging the power cable and removing the face plate.

The controller goes offline every night so have to pull the face plate every morning after I wake up. This also prevents prevents my flex schedule from running as the controller is offline during my early morning start time.

Any suggestions?

@mbilek409 The development team had a look at your controller and I have some followup questions I’ve sent to our third party WiFi vendor for Gen 1. As soon as I get more information I will let you know. Something does look odd with that device.


@mbilek409 We did some more research and connectivity seems to be fine.

Do you know if this happens when a particular zone runs?


When my front yard lawn Flex schedule runs, it seems to happen when I begins the second smart cycle. Whenever my lawn gets watered, it will run 3 cycles based on cycle and soak settings via smart cycle. According to my watering history, the system goes offline at the beginning of the second cycle. Make sense? Thank you for looking into this!!

@mbilek409 It looks like it might be zone 1 shorting the unit, but can’t tell for certain. One simple thing to try to deduce if it is the wiring, create a similar fixed schedule with zones that you aren’t using (or unwire existing zones) and run it manually. That could help deduce if one of your solenoids is going/gone bad.

I’m also watching the logs on the unit to see if anything is caught when it goes offline.


I did have a solenoid replaced on zone 2 last week. When I looked in the valve box after the change was completed, it noticed the zone was wired incorrectly. I then fixed the wiring. Could this have shorted out the unit?

I just tried to run a watering manually through the app. The app showed that the schedule was watering, however no watering was actually being applied(the valves didn’t open). After a few minutes of “watering”, the app showed an error message that the Iro was offline.

@mbilek409 It looks like it might have. The errors I am seeing on the device now look like it is not going to work, and needs to be replaced.

If you send this thread to [] they can RMA you a new unit asap.


I will probably have to buy a new unit before then. The weather is expected to be a the upper 90s this week and I need to fix the issue ASAP.

@mbilek409 Ok, I can get the team to overnight a new unit to you if that helps.

The persistent storage on the controller looks like it got damaged somehow :frowning:


That would be great, thank you! Crazy how it would’ve been damaged by a low voltage sprinkler wire.

I’ll work with you offline (no pun intended) on this.

My Gen1 controller started having this same issue, going offline every night. Nothing else has changed in my setup. Thoughts, on what I could check?