Controller giving strange results

The web site says that my tree watering cycle was to kick off today, but nothing happened, no clue why it did not go.

Also I live in the desert with very hot temperatures and not rain in the past and none in forecast. The application says it is skipping a whole cycle because of rain.

Not sure where to start as these events don’t make any sense

BTW these are fixed schedules so not sure why they are being “adjusted”

Is your weather station set correct?

If so, view it’s data and see if it is mistakenly reporting rain.

If none of the above, is there a rain sensor connected? Could it be broken?

it’s a weather station 1/2 mile away and the same one I have had for a while. The weather is reporting no rain I believe.

There is no rain sensor


This might be a climate skip (versus a rain skip).

I know that trees have a really big root zone depth and we are probably assuming the soil can still wait awhile since the last watering.

To disable climate skip you can use this article.

Hope this helps.

This is the message I get

                        Yesterday at 4:15 AM
                        A rain delay has already been set, so the next scheduled watering time for Tropical  will be skipped.

Looks like rain delay to me.

@garmanmd If you reach out to and reference this thread they will be able to review your account and help understand the behavior you are seeing.