Controller froze up for 3 weeks

Have 2 homes both with Rachio’s. Arrived here in FL after a month and found areas of the grass brown even during the rainy season. This morning at 5:00am I looked at the controller and it was solid blue indicating idle (when sceduled calls for watering) Checked my cell phone and it said “off line” I looked at history and nothing since July 7. I looked at my daily electric bill and it confirmed that Rachio had not run since July 7. I unplugged the controlled and plugged it back in and it started in mid-schedule. Two questions: Why did it go off line when I have previously relocated it into the house to be close to the router? Why did the schedule not continue even with the controller off line? Any help would be greatly appreciated as if it does this again when I am gone the grass will be left unwatered.