Control more than just sprinkler pumps

I recently purchased rachio, not only to control my sprinklers but also to control my pool motor. Being that this is basically a timer with on and off features along with the data it provides. Alot of us do not have 8 zones, so basically this would be great if we can also use it as other pump controllers in one great little box. Setting a zone and labeling it as a pool. would be great. A feature of having the data not counting towards the data collection or simply setting an option to void the use not to be calculated towards the estimates and logs given.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure the product team receives this!

Have a great day.


I would highly recommend a more appropriate automation controller. I’m terrified that rachio will get swamped in automation type requests when their value add is in water efficiency.

Please look at zwave solutions or nest or hive or something else…you will have massive amounts of control through custom rules that take temp, humidity, past schedules, motion detectors and other unique sensor types.

Want to handle your Xmas lights, same solution works. Want to control a ceiling fan, same solution works, From your phone or other smart device

The rachio is a badass irrigation controller and I think it should remain on that path.