Continuity between values and devices

With Regards to Next scheduled run time this what I am seeing across multiple devices. It is 8:15am the 29th of September and the information below is what I am seeing.

and on my tablet I am seeing the main dashboard shown above, showing water will not occur until October 1st not the 30th.

Very confusing and I am not sure which one is right. The misrepresentation of information occurs all the time. How can I do an “update now” to bring everything current or is this just an issue on your end that needs to be fixed?

The first showing the 29th forecasted weather OK, Next watering to take place on the 30th and another device the 1st, Which is it, the 30th or the 1st. No matter what device i look at, they should both give the same possible date.

If I am understanding everything I am reading, there is a known display issue that support is working on. See

For me, the web app and the app on my iPhone rarely match on when it’s going to water next. And even if they did, it’s still only an estimate as I believe it re-evaluates and comes up with the actual schedule about one hour before the watering schedule actually begins.

Pro: My watering for my lawn zones seem to be occurring pretty much when needed, and it’s watering more appropriately than my previous system (and that system I had to ignore the next scheduled watering totally as it was NEVER any where close to correct)

Con: There are variations between the displays depending on where you access it from. And reporting of actual minutes watered is not consistent across different displays of the information at all. (While important and I hope they get this fixed soon, it does seem to be doing a good job of getting the watering done on Flex schedules much better than my old system.)

This issue is about seeing inconsistent information across multiple devices and platforms. Different information from one device to another is unacceptable. How can you make changes if you are not working form the most current and correct information no matter what device I happen to use. I might be in my office in the morning and in the field in the afternoon. (I am not referring to how flex scheduling works)

If I am on the phone with a client and my information is not the same as the clients, how can I find solutions to the issue they are inquiring about. My questioning then turns directly back to Rachio. Which data is the correct data? Same controller same login, but which is correct mine or theirs.

The data should be correct across devices. It is retrieved dynamically and should be in sync across iOS/Android/Webapp.

If you are seeing discrepancies, can you please send a couple screenshots to with the differences in data?

That will allow them to validate/verify and we can get the issue fixed asap.

We do our best to correct any defects as soon as they are reported.



Just logged on, First screenshot is Android tablet, Second screenshot is windows laptop. NOTICE THE NEXT WATER DATES UNDER ZONES

Got it, having our web team look at this now, should be an easy fix.

Will post when corrected.


Hi @ETIrrigation,
The date discrepancies should be cleared up. Let us know if you run into anything else…

I did notice that the “Gallons Used” is displaying different numbers on the webapp and android; I’ll look into that.

Dan :rachio:

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Just logged in via web app and iPhone app and they are still different for me.

Hi @Linn
That’s a know issue with the “will water after” date. A fix should be out momentarily…

And the gallons used are crazy different.

Right. As I said to ETIrrigation, that’s an issue we’re looking into. Is there any reason your Android version says August instead of September?

Dan :rachio:

The “Will water after” date should be fixed.

Dan :rachio:

@Dan It’s iPhone and not Android, and that’s a good question. Nothing that I’ve done. This graph seems to have a mind of it’s own. For the first week and a half or so of September, everything for September showed zero, even though it had watered. Then one day it decided to start working. And if I’m looking at it on the web app, sometimes it just decides to go to February 2015, and every date on the bottom says “1st”. I guess I was hoping that support was working on it.

@Dan Thanks!!! They are now the same! That has bugged me since I first got the device, so I’m happy to have that working. Now if support can just figure out my time watered reporting discrepancies, I’ll be even happier.

@Linn, Great!

We’re working on improvements to the full water usage graph (the graph you see when you click on “Watering History”) on the web. I’ll have to let others speak to the other issues you’re seeing…

Dan :rachio: