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In the WebApp I’d love to see some context help, specifically around the Allowed Depletion, Efficiency slides, etc. For instance I had to play around with the sliders to see how they change the watering intervals for Allowed Depletion. Does this mean remaining water % after depletion or the amount of depletion allowed. I figured it out, but a quick one or two sentence context help with a link to further online help would be good.

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Thanks for this, will make sure the product team @benblackmer @matt get this feedback.


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@InmatesRunThePlace, just curious, sounds like you’d like to see an info link for each of these settings? Or one in general for the page?

This is in the mobile app, but probably needs to be in the web app too. Here’s the “info” support page for “Advanced” zone settings used in the mobile app.

Hope this helps.

That’s all good info, but tl;dr for context help. I’m thinking of something like this - Allow Depletion - “Lower % to allow for more moisture left in soil, high % for less moisture between waterings”. Something like that. I’m a software tester at heart and career but not very good at tech writing. :wink:

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@InmatesRunThePlace, touche. Perhaps doing a better job of putting the data from the table below (found in this support article) in the app?

Yes, exactly this. Have a link to more details but something as simple as that middle column would be perfect, IMHO.

Noted. Will see what we can do to simplify this. If you think of anything else, please let us know.

Giving some additional thought to this, I wonder if you are over-complicating things. How about something like “How is does your grass look?” Too dry? Just right? Too wet? Then a button could adjust the calculator accordingly. The more advanced option could have all the settings you currently expose.

Part of the elegance of the Rachio product is in the simplicity. The ins-and-outs should be hidden unless a power user wants to manipulate them.

@InmatesRunThePlace, sorry I missed seeing your last reply. We’re exploring ways to simplify adjusting Flex schedule durations and frequency of waterings. Not sure how this looks yet, but it might include some variation of your recommendation. In the mean time, have you been able to fine tune your Flex schedules to your desired durations and/or frequency preferences? I’d be happy to help review your zone settings if needed.

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