Consider to add a persistence layer to Gen 3 device

Hi team, following to some issue I’m having with my Rachio Iro Gen 1 (My Rachio Gen 1 Often goes offline) I was thinking that would be great to add to the device a persistence layer able to store locally the last known watering schedule in order that the system is able to water the backyard even in case of network disruption or WiFi unavailability.

Does someone already think at this kind of feature?

This exists for the most part. It just doesn’t work if your schedule needs weather data.

:confused: This means that to make my IRO able to run also without internet connection I should turn off the Weather intelligence… Right?

From my point of view it doesn’t make any sense let the device runs the last known watering schedule if the weather information are available only.
This behaviour could lead to the situation where the backyard will not watered for a lot of days (imagine when you’re on vacation at the beach with your Mojito and IRO goes offline).

The device should be able to check if weather information are available and if device is online.
If both conditions are not verified, then IRO should runs the last available watering schedule.

I believe that is what it does. Of course, all it really needs to check is if it is off-line since weather data will not be present in that case! What the OP meant is that things like FLEX computations and seasonal adjust won’t work correctly.

But that does not necessarily solve your problem. Perhaps you should add a rain sensor. The Iro will not water when the sensor is activated.

Well, if you want something to run without an Internet connection, iro might not be the best option for you. If you are worried about a spotty Internet connection, that’s is a bit different and the device seems to handle that pretty well from my testing, your mileage may vary.

Personably if my device is not connected to the net, I don’t want it to water. I’ll allow my grass and bushes to take the stress for a week if I’m on vacation.

The real problem is, without an Internet connection you can construct a straw men arguments that show there is no right decision


@plainsane, it’s true. Probably there is no a universal common thinking around this point. But on my side I would appreciate if the IRO can work a bit more as a “Standalone” device so without be strictly dependent from the internet connection.
I read that Gen 2 includes the "Limited Schedules" feature.
A nice to have behavior could be that if IRO is offline for more than 24h and no weather information are available, then IRO apply one of the "Limited Schedules options based on the option selected by the user during the first configuration phase. It could be a kind of “Business Continuity” solution…