Consecutive Manual Watering

With my old irrigation controller, I could set it to manually water a zone (or a program), then immediately set another zone or program to run, and then another, etc. It would start with the first “command”, then tack on the other tasks afterwards.

Trying the same thing with Rachio immediately cancels an ongoing process, and then starts the new one. It would be great if they would stack and all run, rather than cancel (especially since you may even know or notice that the previous one(s) have been cancelled).

Example: I have a separate fixed schedule that will apply 0.20" of water for each of my zones. The idea is if yard work or something is scheduled, and I’m running Flex Daily (as I always do), I could put down enough water to go another day or two for any zone I want. Right now, I’m having work done in the back yard, and would like to water everything except that. So I’d like to run, say, four other schedules, one for each zone requiring water, by manually starting each one in turn. They would/should then run each in turn, and I wouldn’t have to wait for one to finish before programming in the next.

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Not very elegant, and I hope I’m understanding you correctly. It looks like you have a fixed schedule already set up with what you want to do for each zone, only now you don’t want a couple of the zones to participate. Could you just got into that fixed schedule, uncheck the zones you don’t want watered, run a quick run of that schedule and then add them back in? It’s a PITA but might work.

Your suggestion is much more elegant! I have wanted something like this more than once, and a variation of it. I have a birdbath that I always fill/top off manually. With my luck, most of the time when I want to run it my drip zones are going and I have to wait and remember to do it later. It would be so nice if it would just tack it on and do the quick run after the running schedule is completed. And ideally I would have the option to interrupt the running schedule, stop the running schedule, or tack on to the end.

Yeah, I just disabled the one zone I didn’t want watered. But I still think if you start a fixed schedule to run a zone or zones, or manually run one zone for say 10 minutes, you should be able to go ahead and do another or more, without the first cancelling.

I absolutely agree with you!