Connected to WiFi, but

My app says my controller is connected to WiFi, but when I try to Quick Run a zone, it hangs and nothing happens. I’ve tries completely restarting, reconnecting to WiFi, and removing and readding the controller. A couple times, it worked for a few minutes, but then stopped working. The lights on the controller keep cycling but is spending a lot of time on the first quadrant blinking.

Please help!

@Gemster Are you still having issues? Looking at your history it seems like zones have been run correctly.


Yes, still having issues! When I do a factory reset of everything it works for awhile, but then it stops working again after 30-60 minutes and seems to be mostly stuck on the first quadrant blinking light. Now the unit says it’s offline even though the WiFi is working everywhere else around the house!

Also - to be clear - this has worked well for us for the past 2 months with the exact same WiFi set up and location, so I’m not sure why it stopped working for us (about a week ago).

I was having the same issue and decided to try reseting my wifi. Now i’m stuck with a 3rd blinking light and no connection to cloud service :frowning:

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@Gemster - one possible reason for the issue is a new neighboring WiFi network that is over powering the Raciho on the band/channel that it is trying to use.

You might want to run the RouteThis app and send the results to support.

@Call_Me_Tex - I’d submit a RouteThis report key after running it on your network by the Rachio device to support and see if they have any thoughts.

Thanks - I’ll try that app.

Right now the lights are alternating between:
first quadrant blinking white (for awhile) then fills from left to right with white light, then goes back to first quadrant blinking.

As an update: the issue seems to fix itself after I do a hard reset, but over the course of around a week, reappears again. It’s saying that the wifi is disconnected, but the schedule is still running (I’m seeing the sprinklers go off at the pre-set times).

I’ve reached out to the support team but am awaiting a response.

@Gemster - the Rachio will run the schedules that are downloaded - at most two weeks out if Flex - to the unit and then will fall back to every third day.