Connect two controllers for rain sensor

Hi I have two Rachio 3 controllers. Love them but please give us a way to tie them together in the software. Once that is complete also have them just use one rain sensor connected to one of the controllers so I don’t have to buy another rain sensor. Thanks as always


@ryanjohn04 - I don’t think this is going to happen ->

Ok figured worth a shot, I would think you just could create a “virtual controller”… have all the zones aggregated and boom… have the algos run off that.

Are the two rachio’s under the same account? If so you could use IFTTT (link) to trigger a rain delay on the second controller whenever the first controller’s rain sensor activates.

(click the picture to see full setup)

In case the two controllers are under separate accounts, just share the full access from one of the accounts to another.


Genius, thank you.

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