Confused about watering

I am confused why my flex schedules ran this am. We just got 6-8 inches of rain in the last 24hrs. So much rain the governor declared a state of emergency and my sump pump hasn’t stopped running.

I know I don’t need water today so I cancelled it but can @franz or @emil take a look please?

I think it’s due to my closes weather station 2 miles away not working?

But that should work, I actually see the weather station, I know exactly where it is.

If i change to the further one away that has accurate precip, but it recalculate everything?

looks like changing weather stations got everything to recalculate. Wonder my weather station went offline?

You should have some alerting when you have a weather station that has no data. All the power of Flex is data…

Yes, there could be many reasons why it went offline. Unless your own, very hard to tell.

Will forward this suggestion to product team, great idea. Garbage in, garbage out :wink:


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Thanks @franz GIGO for sure.

@ghctim, sorry to hear your weather station went offline. Looks like it’s still offline…

Just curious, did you convert to a national station or another personal station?

MID_E0797 is what I am using now.

@ghctim, if you see another weather station outage, please let us know.

We currently provide a notice if the weather station doesn’t provide any precip data. However, I believe you’re thinking of an alert if the weather station stops reporting data? Interested to hear more about your thoughts on how this would work. As you said, data is critical for Flex schedules to work correctly.

Best, Emil

I think a push alert and history entry if you haven’t gotten any data from the weather station in 24 hrs.

But what if it reports 0 every day? that is equally as wrong? maybe?

Yea, that’s the catch 22 we’ve seen. I think exposing the precip data from the Moisture Level graphs via the mobile app will help to identify this issue faster in the future.

Maybe we could show precip totals in the weather card for the last 6/12/24…[x] hours?

I’ve also been thinking about notifications related to Flex schedules as well. We could push a notification for each zone, every morning, but that would be a lot of noise for most users…

Open to ideas on how to eliminate any confusion about Flex schedules.

i like that a lot. that is nice and clean.

i agree, too much notifications are bad :frowning: