Conflicting schedule name

im having an odd issue with the scheduling screen on the iOS app.

When I select certain (not all) schedules, it shows a different name on the details screen.

Has anybody else seen this?

Edit: this seems to be transient. I logged back in and things are correct now.

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My favorite type of defects :wink:

sorry i couldnt be more helpful.

i saw the problem, while writing the post i went back to the app to get a screen shot. it was a different set of schedule names this time around.

so i restarted the app in an attempt to get step by step directions to repro it, then it was all fixed up.

i dont suppose by change you all were massaging data for the upgrade?

i put this up to see if anybody comments on having seen this, at first i thought i was just stupid…

Don’t believe so. Will keep a look out for this.