Comparing Eve (or whatever is going to be called and Iro

Hi, i’m planning to move to a new house and therefore i’m looking for smart irrigation systems. I see that Iro has the best reviews on Amazon but since everything will be new i’m looking around and trying to find the newest and the best irrigation system around.

I found Eve on the internet but its not launched yet and not sure when it will come. do we have anybody in the forums or even people from Rachio that can provide a good comparison ?

It’s really difficult to compare to products that don’t exist. It’s very difficult to bring a hardware product to market, and when they are delivered might have a much smaller feature set than initially promised.

I’ve said this before, and trust someone with understanding this domain, but the all-in-one system is going to be an extremely hard sell in an already limited size (total addressable market) category. From system complexity to cost of manufacturing. If using sensors make sense from a price and technology perspective, we have the system ready to utilize them.


a friend of min has been waiting on the eve for a while now. it keeps getting pushed back.

there are a lot of players in this market now, i vote iro because of this forum.

if you go iro have no fear-o.

Yes, i’m doing that. my only fear is that i can find weather forecast outside the US and not rely on the traditional zip codes which are US only…

Well, I think the real concern is, will you also have to put up your own pws. I don’t know.

Your location is specified in gps coordinates, so the zip code concern is not much of one.